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The Conductor's Notes

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The World's Most Fascinating Instrument
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For public loving of the orchestra. CDs, links, advice, etc.
Hello all, and welcome to orchlover. This is a community for all those who love the orchestra. Surprise surprise.

Technical problems about passages that you want to orchestrate are welcome; so is appreciation of music; so is plugging of relevant sites and weblogs; so is plugging of good CDs! Links to lectures on orchestration are welcome, and so is advice about how to get some orchestral music performed.

If you don't find what you need here, please look at some of the other sites about. There're communities for violinists, french horn players, guitarists; for music theory, English music and getting published; and for the philosophy of music. I frequent some of them myself, and they're often good.

And who am I? I'm felephant, that is to say, James Camien McGuiggan, your moderator. I can be contacted, if there are any problems, on jamescamien [at] gmail [dot] com. Hope you find something great here!

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